Where to buy your HP Care Pack?

After weighing the pros and cons, you've decided: you want to purchase an HP Care Pack to extend the warranty of your HP computer or printer. You can see that there are several online shops that offer HP Care Packs. So where should you buy your HP Care Pack? Purchasing your Care Pack via Best2Serve has several advantages.

Always the correct HP Care Pack

Finding the right Care Pack for your HP computer or printer is not always easy. For example, each model of computer or printer has a different Care Pack. For example, an OMEN Laptop 17 requires a different Care Pack than an HP Pavilion 15 laptop or HP ENVY Photo 6220 All-in-One Printer. The status of your standard warranty also affects which HP Care Pack you need.

Your computer or printer model

With other providers you often have to find out which Care Pack is suitable for your HP product before you buy it. As a result, you may be purchasing an HP Care Pack that is not compatible with your model of computer or printer. In that case the purchased HP Care Pack will be of no use to you.

Warranty status

The HP Care Pack that is suitable for your HP product also depends on the current warranty status of your product. Depending on whether your standard warranty has expired or not, you will need to purchase a different type of HP Care Pack. In some cases it is even no longer possible to buy an HP Care Pack.

At Best2Serve you are always assured that you are buying the right HP Care Pack for your HP computer or printer. Before purchasing an HP Care Pack, you will be asked for your serial number, which we use to check which HP Care Pack matches your product and the warranty status of your product. This ensures that you purchase the right HP Care Pack!

We will also let you know if an HP Care Pack is no longer available (for example because your product is too old). You cannot check this with other providers before buying.

No registration required

If you buy an HP Care Pack from other providers, you're not done right away. In most cases you still have to register the Care Pack yourself. If you don’t do this, or if you are unable to register it correctly, your HP Care Pack is not valid and you cannot use it.

At Best2Serve we register the HP Care Pack for you. So you don't have to worry about how to register your HP Care Pack and whether it is done correctly. We will arrange it for you!

Everything online

You don't have to deal with paperwork. The purchase of an HP Care Pack through Best2Serve is completely digital. Within a few days of purchase, you will receive your HP Care Pack contract by email, containing all the necessary information to contact HP in case needed. Your HP Care Pack has already been registered by us, so you don't have to do anything anymore!

Official HP partner

Is Best2Serve safe? Of course! Best2Serve is HP's official partner for HP consumer services in Europe. Since 2009, the company has provided HP services in more than 16 countries.

After completing your order, you can also protect your purchase for free via Trusted Shops. This way you are assured that you can shop safely and receive your order. If something goes wrong in the ordering process, you are guaranteed to get your money back.

Are you considering buying an HP Care Pack through Best2Serve? Detect your product or manually enter your serial number and we will show you which suitable HP Care Packs are available for your HP computer or printer.


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