Are cyber attacks increasing?

Computer attacks worldwide have increased from about 5,000 per week in February 2020 to around 200,000 in April 2020.* Not only is the volume of cyber attacks increasing, but you also run a higher risk as cyber criminals' techniques continue to improve. On average, a cyber attack now costs a consumer £ 125.**

Are cyber attacks on the rise?

Yes, cyber attacks are certainly on the rise. Take phishing attacks for example. These are fake messages sent by criminals who try to obtain sensitive data or install malware by having you click on a link. According to Google, fake phishing sites increased from about 250,000 to about 1,700,000 from 2016 to 2019. The techniques used are also more sophisticated, which makes the fake messages seem more and more real.

In addition to phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, in which your data is, as it were, held hostage, are also emerging. These have increased by 100% in 2019 compared to 2018.***

Also, the digitization and connectivity of our world offers cyber criminals numerous new opportunities to carry out attacks. For example, smartwatches, cell phones and even cars can be infected.

Cyber ​​attacks and COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has further increased the number of cyber attacks. According to Google, 1 out of 5 phishing emails is already related to COVID-19.**** Criminals are taking advantage of the fact that more and more people are working from home and that a much larger part of our lives take place digitally. Email phishing campaigns now also target COVID-19 fake news and false messages about vaccinations and treatments.

Can cyber attacks be prevented?

The cyber attacks themselves cannot be easily prevented. However, you can avoid becoming a victim of a cyber attack. Be aware of suspicious links in emails or suspicious websites. Make sure a message is legitimate before clicking on anything. And always have a good antivirus program, such as McAfee LiveSafe. In the unlikely event that you click on a malicious link, the antivirus program will be able to stop the malware or virus before it infects your computer.

Cyber ​​attacks are on the rise, especially phishing and ransomware attacks. Cyber ​​criminals are also using the COVID-19 pandemic to obtain sensitive data. Stay alert for suspicious links and sites and get a good antivirus program. Best2Serve recommends McAfee LiveSafe. This antivirus program not only protects all your devices (laptops, tablets and mobile phones), but also has extra security options such as a password manager and secure storage for sensitive documents.

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