Is an HP Care Pack worth it?

Warranty extensions: you see them everywhere. Almost any new device comes with an extended warranty. This also applies to your HP computer or printer. Best2Serve offers HP Care Packs, warranty extensions or upgrades that include technical phone support and hardware repairs. But is an HP Care Pack worth it? In the United Kingdom, all HP printers and computers have a standard one-year factory warranty. Of course you want use your HP product longer than just one year. A warranty extension or upgrade can therefore be a wise choice.

The choice whether or not to opt for an HP Care Pack is personal. Take the following factors into account:

Lifespan of your device

In general, a desktop, laptop or printer is used for about 5 years. With an HP Care Pack you can extend your total warranty to 2 or 3 years (including standard warranty). If you want to use your product for at least 2 or 3 years, an HP Care Pack is a wise choice. However, if, for example, you want to replace your computer immediately after the standard warranty expires (after one year), you do not need an HP Care Pack.

Unexpected costs

With an HP Care Pack, you are protected against any unexpected costs to have your device repaired or even replaced, should it fail. All costs are covered and you do not pay a deductible. If you do not have an HP Care Pack, all costs for repair or replacement are at your own expense.

Therefore, weigh the cost of an HP Care Pack against the costs of a repair or the purchase of a new computer or printer. The costs of a repair depend on the type of problem. On average a computer repair by a certified HP service costs £ 324. A new mid-range computer can easily cost £ 546. On the other hand, an HP Care Pack that offers two years extra protection costs on average £ 48 (one-off). Therefore, consider carefully whether you are willing to pay unexpected costs for a possible expensive repair or replacement, or whether you would rather exclude this risk for the coming years with an HP Care Pack.

Other insurance policies

If you have other insurance policies, they may (partly) cover damage to your computer or printer. Sometimes, for example, your contents or travel insurance covers damage to computers or printers. However, it may be that computers are excluded from your insurance, or that you need to take out a special, additional valuables insurance for this.

Also pay attention to whether you have to pay a deductible in case of damage to your laptop. With an HP Care Pack, you do not pay a deductible for repair or replacement of your computer or printer. Your home contents insurance normally doesn’t cover your computer outside the home. You would need to have an additional outdoor cover for this. An HP Care Pack however does cover your HP computer outside the home.

Also keep in mind that accidents, such as dropping your laptop, are usually not insured (not even through an HP Care Pack).

Peace of mind

If your computer or printer breaks down, you often cannot miss it for long. Maybe you use your computer for work. You therefore want to be able to use your device again quickly without too much hassle.

With an HP Care Pack you are assured of direct technical phone support to solve your software problems immediately. If hardware needs to be repaired, we will pick up the product from your home, repair it and deliver it back to you within 10 to 15 business days. For both software and hardware problems you are assured of official HP technicians who work with extensive HP product knowledge and official HP parts.

If you value peace of mind, that can also be a reason to purchase an HP Care Pack, because then you know you can count on a reliable and fast solution to your problem, without any extra costs.

The choice to purchase an HP Care Pack therefore depends on your personal situation. If you spend a minimum of 2 to 3 years with your HP device, are not willing to pay (high) unexpected costs, have no other insurance and you value peace of mind, we recommend that you purchase an HP Care Pack. Detect your product or manually enter your serial number to view the available HP Care Packs for your HP computer or printer.


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